Poulpe   29

Grilled octopus, piquillo peppers, white balsamic vinaigrette and truffle oil


Croquetas with chorizo, with fish, lemon and mint, with blue cheese (5 pieces)    14

or Variation of croquetas (3 pieces of each)   25

         Roasted Cauliflower    16

Broccoli, soy and yuzu dip sauce

Pan-fried scallop 30 

Citrus reduction flavoured with vanilla 

        Thon tataki, sauce Vitello    25

Salmon carpaccio, 22 

Vegetable marinière and pink pepper 

         Carrot soup   16

With turmeric, roasted buckwheat seeds, and grated feta

          Grilled Scampi   23

with turmeric, grilled buckwheat seeds and grated feta 

       California Salad, Vegetarian 24 or chicken  26

Beluga lentil, Basmati rice, roasted sweet potato and eggplant, 

Zucchini spaghetti, broccoli, red pepper, radish, kiwi, tandoori yogurt sauce  

(VEGAN) Roasted Mushrooms and Seaweed Tartare 24 

Butternut Pickles and Sesame Crumble 


les tartares
de boeuf

The Mongol warriors of theème In the 11th century, Mongol warriors known as 'Tatars' would place pieces of meat under their horse saddles to tenderize them and then eat them simply sliced.

Let yourself be seduced by this timeless classic ! 


The traditional 29

Beef tartare with mushrooms 29

Yukhoe, Korean beef tartare 32


Beef Tenderloin 45 

Beef filet, pepper or béarnaise sauce, fresh French Fries 

Rib steak, 135 

Chimichurri or Béarnaise Sauce, Roasted Ratte Potatoes 

Sirloin tagliata   39

Arugula, parmesan, olive oil and reduced balsamic vinegar, creamy polenta

New Mu Signature Burger   29

Homemade bread, bacon and sweet potato fries

          Salmon Burger     29

Homemade bread and sweet potato fries  

        Dry aged veal chop   42

Choron sauce, seasonal vegetables

        Poultry fillet    30

White cabbage and candied fennel, reduced jus with Luxembourg Riesling

        Giant sea bass fillet    34

Plate-roasted leeks and warm vinaigrette with cockles  

Salmon glazed with spices   33

Arugula salad and Basmati rice with edamame beans 

Vegan pad thai     28

With peanut butter, purple cabbage, almond-sesame tofu   

(VEGAN) Tom Kha Gai    24

Rice, carrot, button mushroom, Pakchoï, coconut milk velouté, galangal, lemongrass, chili   



Charlotte Grand Ducale 14 

Charlotte Grand Ducale 

Crème Brûlée     12

Vanilla and tonka bean Crème Brûlée    

       Vanilla and tonka bean Crème Brûlée     14

Mont Blanc-style fig shortbread 14

Lime Cheesecake 14

“Full Vegan” Amatika chocolate    14